January 2, 2023

YesPower Dance is healthy

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Four different bodies in motion

Open your door to your health with YesPower Dance because YesPower Dance is healthy.

Since you do dancing with ease and pleasure, the effect on your life is excellent. Your life force increases as you playfully develop yourself through the dance and by interacting with other dancers in a way that suits you.

Four bodies and health

We often speak of one body in the vernacular. While there are 4 different bodies:

  • Physical body
  • Mental body
  • Energetic body
  • Spiritual body

Resolving emotional traumas

When emotional traumas dissolve, you see this directly reflected in a physical body. The great thing is that the more bodies you tackle simultaneously, the faster and more significant the effect is. And what a joy it is to dance with pleasure with YesPower Dance while working on your recovery unnoticed, and all you have to do is dance and learn to enjoy what is there at that moment.

Four types of bodies and dance

With YesPower Dance, all bodies and chakras are playfully passed through in varying ways so that our physical, mental, energetic, and spiritual body gets moving. We do this in each person's way, working each workshop from a particular theme.

Types of music we dance to

The types of music to which we dance vary every powerdance workshop. You can think of: classical, jazz, soul, symphonic rock, Native American music, relaxation music, and so on.

During a workshop, you will be invited to each piece of music with an exercise. And every time again, it is always up to you to experience more deeply what is the most significant contribution for now.

Dancepoem Dance from surrender

The 4 Bodies we dance with

Physical body

The doctor works with your physical body. It's not what you see, your body.

Physical body and dance

Whether you are smooth or stiff. YesPower Dance is all about moving in a way that is comfortable for you. It's not about whether it looks nice and what someone else thinks about it. It is about literally setting your body in motion through the dance and that you enjoy this.

Mental body

Your mental body is about your thinking, limiting thoughts, and beliefs, which can be both defining and promoting.

Mental body & dance

You ignore your thoughts and beliefs by making contact with the music and moving without words.

Energetic body

Your energetic body is about the energy that makes everything in your body flow.

Energetic body & dance

During a dance, for example, you can be invited to dance with what you are currently encountering. The moment you dance with this, an adjustment takes place in the energy of your energetic body so that your energetic body starts to flow more again.

Spiritual body

Your spiritual body is about your higher self. The invitation is to follow what is without judgment.

Spiritual body & dance

Listen to the music. Feel the music. Step in your surrender and... dance!!

YesPower Dance Barefoot dancing

Do you want to dance with your 4 different bodies? Dance with us on our YesPower Dance events. We love it to dance with you 


Carla Broekhuizen


I like it to dance with you ;-))

I am Carla Broekhuizen, a medium psychic, and I have a company in awareness development YesPower Personal Growth B.V., with several brands.

The brands are YesPower - Yes Symbol products, SI Simbolo - the most powerful jewelry in the world,
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My unique power is to live and work from surrender and gratitude and to follow what is there.

I like it to meet the pure you and your energy ;-)
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