Live Workshop | 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

de druivenkas Doorn

Valley Dance Evening with Carla Broekhuizen

here's what to expect

From This Valley Dance Evening

Dear lady,

Embrace your feminine power during these Valley Dance events. They are extraordinary and transformative.

We do the Empowerment Valley Dance meetings on Thursday evenings in the Grape Greenhouse in the Historic Tea Garden of Bartimeus in Doorn.

Maybe you or one of your relatives have been sexually abused? Are you locked? Are you skin-hungry? Are you addicted to sex? Do you have experience transforming sexuality and want to flow more... or something else?

Let's dance ;-))

Valley dance evening Date & Time:

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
€ 20
Carla Broekhuizen


Carla Broekhuizen

What You'll Learn

Embrace your feminine power

The transparent energy of only women within a women's group benefits your body and mind

So say yes to your feminine power and grow to the next level of your femininity and consciousness.

Empowerment dance

Dance and set your body playfully in motion in all areas.

Your core is central, and we dance with the energy of what is. The innovative approaches can vary every moment.

Safety first

We dance from a safe haven so you feel security and vulnerability can be there

Your center is central.

The Valley Dance evenings are a playground to develop yourself in the field of safety within yourself.

Feel free

Feel freedom in your hart.

Dance with the energy of possibilities and experience freedom in your body and mind

This group is a safe haven for all women who want to participate and is only for women ;-))

Feel free

This day you are also welcome without reservation. You pay € 90 for the dance day when you pay on location.