monday EVENING | 8 - 10 PM 
de cultuurhoek in driebergen-rijsenburg

Powerdancegroup for Men

here's what to expect

The power of Grow Together in a Men's group

The power of growing together with other men in a men's group is impressive. Grow through brotherhood and togetherness and create a solid foundation with more ease, fun, silent-power, surrender, and gratitude.

Feel free! You don't have to reserve your spot if you want to be free. Come when it's good for you and see, or it's a contribution for you to be there.

Your host from a neutral position is Carla Broekhuizen.

Men only ;-))

monday evening men's group 

Date & Time:

8 pm - 10 pm Driebergen
€ 20
Carla Broekhuizen


Carla Broekhuizen 

What You'll Develop

Connection     Power     Brotherhood


Brotherhood in a men's group is a source of inspiration, knowledge, making friends for life, power, gratitude, connection, and information for young and older men.

So dance with your brothers and connect for life.

Integration Yin & Yang

Survival strategies attend to perturbations in your yin and yang energy. These inconveniences cause stress in your body and your mind.

Bring both energies in balance. Dance with your survival strategies and breakthrough to dance your life force.


Can fighting solve your problems? Stop fighting, say yes to what there is, explore your weaknesses, and dance with them. 

Deepen your process. Dance out of connection with yourself and the other men of the group.

Dance with your resistance

Break down your barriers.

Dance with your resistance and feed yourself with life energy instead of looking for and getting what you need from someone else.

Feel free

This evenings you are also welcome without reservation. You pay € 30 for the dance evening when you pay on location.