Power Dance Events for Men

Empowerment Dancing - Embrace your female power.

During the Men's Power Dance experiences you create deep connections with yourself and the other men in the group. Discover what it's like that everything there is allowed to be. Dance with what you encounter in your life and your work, such as origin, strength, aggression, vulnerability, love, sexuality, resting with men, and wondering what this can achieve for you.

Nurturing by men

You dance, touch and share from safety and cohesion. The benefit of moving on to the music from connecting with yourself is great. Your experience will be a gift for yourself. Experience for yourself what it is like to be carried by your ancestors and other attendees.

Deep Friendships

The unique experiences you go through with each other create beautiful and profound contacts and friendships. Even if you are coming for the first time and have never seen someone before, it is impressive to experience the input you experience on a dance evening, dance day, or during a dance event.

The first time you meet someone

You won't be the first, the first time you met someone you're more connected with that person than with people you've known all your life and feel connected to.

Powerdance Group for Men

Powerdancegroup for Men



Experience the added value of connection, dancing, sharing, and gathering with other men. The generosity of grounding, safety, integration, and openness.

Feel free. You can come without reservation.

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Powerdance Day for Men

Powerdanceday for Men

SUNDAY | 11 JUNE 2023


The magical experience of the Powerdanceday for Men isn't to discribe in words. The power, connections with yourself and the other men, the silence in you, the gratitude are impressive.

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