PowerDance Holidays 

11 to 14 july 2023 

The Netherlands

Mother Daughter Dance Retreat with Carla Broekhuizen

here's what to expect

Mother-Daughter Dance Retreat
Do you want a Deeper Connected Mother-Daughter Relationship?

Mother, do you want a more intense loving connection with your daughters? Daughter, do you want a more intense loving relationship with your mother?

Mother and daughter break through the old energy of your lifeline. Clean up the energy for coming generations and enjoy the deepening of your mother-daughter relationship.

Dance and live your woman power and also the wellness of the softness of your feminine energy. Deepen your connection and feeling carried through the group.

mother daughter Retreat Date & Time:

11 to 14 July 2023
The Netherlands
€ 1950
Carla Broekhuizen


Carla Broekhuizen 

Carla Broekhuizen guides this beautiful retreat. She is a medium psychic and has a practice in awareness development. 

She coaches individuals and entrepreneurs to live their life force from ease, pleasure, surrender, and gratitude!

Her unique power is to follow what is there.

What You'll deepen

We Dance also with
  • Motherhood
  • Sisterhood
  • Girl power
  • The little girl in you
  • Desire to have children
  • Stillbirth
  • Goddess energy
  • Sexuality
  • Flow in all areas of your life
  • Workshops
  • Daily fresh vegetarian organic meals
  • 3 - Nights in a double room
  • 3 - Breakfast
  • 4 - Lunch
  • 3 - Dinner
  • Coffee, tea, and refreshments
Practical information
Tuesday 11 July 2023

Walk into from 8:30 am. We start at 10 am with the first dance workshop. We begin with an introduction round and do an opening ritual to confirm your intention.

During the retreat we follow the energy of what is.

12 - 13 July 2023

 A day program.

Friday 14 July 2023

On Friday, we close around 4:30 pm.


You are definitively registered with the registration via email and a deposit of € 950. 

You have to pay the remaining payment at least 3 weeks before arrival.

Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation from the administration and further information.

P.s. Additional charge one person room € 150 (limited availability).


We stay in a small monastery hotel in the heart of the Netherlands, near Utrecht, in a green place between the Betuwe and the Utrechtse Heuvelrug where it is still tranquil. The peace and space, in combination with the program, ensure that your life energy will accelerate!