Destination of YesPower Dance

In January 2023, there was a marketing meeting for the dutch site. The creator of YesPower Dance, Carla Broekhuizen, was one of the team members. The name of YesPower Dance was already evident in 2022.

A week before the meeting, Carla discussed with another marketing team member that it might be a good idea to start using the original gold YesPower logo for all business units such as YesPower, YesPower Dance, YesPower Business, SI Simbolo and the Yes Symbol Art which at the right moment.

The marketing partners got the golden logo and the complementary color scheme for the Dutch website of YesPower Dance a week earlier.

YesPower Logo Ja Symbool
YesPower Dance logo black Eng

Too coincidental and immediately clear

However, a few minutes before the meeting started, Carla suddenly came across the yellow YesPower logo. This logo was from 2016. She hadn't seen it in years, and now it was there just a few minutes before the marketing meeting for the Dutch YesPower Dance site began.

It touched her, strictly at the right moment. This was 'too' coincidental and immediately apparent. The yellow YesPower logo colors were much warmer than the gold logo. All of a sudden, this logo from 2016 got the right destination. This logo shows the warmth and the power that YesPower Dance stands for.

Dancing from surrender opens doors to new creativity.


Logo, colors, and chakras

Traditionally, we talk about 7 main chakras. In the logo of YesPower Dance, the colors of the second and third chakras are represented.

The 7 main chakras are

  1. Base chakra - red chakra
  2. Belly chakra - orange chakra
  3. Third chakra - yellow chakra
  4. Heart chakra - green chakra
  5. Throat chakra - blue chakra
  6. Third eye chakra - indigo chakra
  7. Crown chakra - purple chakra
Dance your 4 bodies

Orange chakra fun in your life

The orange color in the logo corresponds to your abdominal chakra. It is essential to open this chakra so that you can live powerfully and flowingly.
When you are balanced and can connect well with your second chakra, this is a lovely ground for intimacy with yourself and others.

The moment there is an imbalance in this chakra due to, for example, sexual abuse, inability to passion, and sexual feelings can quickly degenerate into undesirable situations such as not wanting to have sex, sexual abuse, sex addiction, and all kind of other addictions.

Meaning of orange

Orange is the color of intense enjoyment, celebration, warmth, enthusiasm, vitality, desire, joy, life force, and spontaneity.

Orange chakra & dancing

Experiencing safety wherever you are in your process is a fundamental condition to be able to open yourself up. 

Dance with the energy of surrender to your pain, and your pain will be free.


Taboos and dance

Due to the taboo on these topics, it is often fraught to discuss taboos, so tackling undesirable situations usually takes longer than necessary.

Because we dance without words in a safe environment, it is more easily accessible to get in touch with yourself and your second chakra.

If you want to share something about this topic in the women's or men's group during the sub-round prior to the workshop, there is short room for this.

If you want to work with this chakra without sharing anything about it in words, it is also possible to share in energy. Then, the group's energy can support you during your presence and the dance.

Land of possibilities

Dance holidays

During the dance holidays, there is more room to share in the group where you are in your process than during the weekly meetings.

1 on 1

Work 1 on 1 is also possible. It is possible to cooperate with words or in silence during personal sessions. Suggest what you prefer, and we will see what's possible.

Valley woman, valley man & valley person

Suppose you develop into a valley woman, valley man, or valley person. In that case, you can transform your sexual energy into life energy differently than dancing. As a result, you can empower yourself extra. Ask for the discount possibilities for Valley Orgasm Online.

By activating your second chakrayour energy balance remains healthy.

YesPower Dance

Yellow Chakra center personal power

The yellow color in the logo corresponds to the yellow chakra, also called the solar plexus, plexus solaris, or third chakra.

Meaning of yellow

The color yellow stands for the color of the sun, light, warming, trust, joy, sparkle, cooperation, energy, optimism, clarity, growth, and unlimited possibilities.

Do you recognize that you often react emotionally? Then your solar plexus is overactive.

Are you often tired? Can you hardly push yourself to do anything? Do you take anti-depressants, for example? Your solar plexus is not flowing enough. Your third chakra requires you to let the energy in this chakra flow more.

Solar plexus

Your foundation is essential during your life. Accordingly the workshops, we dance every time again with base.

We follow the energy of what is. After we have danced with the first and second chakra, we will invite you to dance with the energy of your solar plexus.

By dancing with the energy of your third chakra, you will be more able to make the right choices. Besides, to experience a sense of freedom.

In other words, it was obvious! The yellow logo fits much better than the golden YesPower logo. So YesPower Dance also got her logo.

Logo YesPower Dance rond transparant

Follow the flow of your life energy

Step out of your comfort zone and dance your life forceGive yourself the space to discover what works for you. Dance with serene and light energy. Learn how it playfully works for you. Choose an event that fits best for the moment. We love to dance with you.

Ask your questions beforehand by or call us at 0031850654253. We like to hear from you.

Carla Broekhuizen
YesPower Dance

p.s. Additionally, do you want to know more about the Yes Symbol?


Carla Broekhuizen


I like it to dance with you ;-))

I am Carla Broekhuizen, a medium psychic, and I have a company in awareness development YesPower Personal Growth B.V., with several brands.

The brands are YesPower - Yes Symbol products, SI Simbolo - the most powerful jewelry in the world,
YesPower Dance - Dance your life force, and YesPower Business - Businessmedium.

My unique power is to live and work from surrender and gratitude and to follow what is there.

I like it to meet the pure you and your energy ;-)
🤍 Energetic regards 🤍


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