Live Workshop | 10 am - 5 pm

de druivenkas doorn

Goddess Dance Day with Carla Broekhuizen

here's what to expect

From This Power Dance Day

Say Yes to the Goddess Dance Day and grow to the next level of your Goddess energy.

Two profound barefoot dance workshops without steps workshops on the same day.

Top-level dance experiences with your facilitator Carla Broekhuizen.

Ladies only ;-))

goddess DANCE day Date & Time:

10 am - 5 pm Doorn
€ 79
Carla Broekhuizen


Carla Broekhuizen

What You'll Learn

Dance your Life Dance

What's the actual difference between live in freedom and survival? So often, it is a small line.

So dance your life dance from surrender and live free.

Integration Yin & Yang

Survival strategies attend to perturbations in your yin and yang energy. These inconveniences cause stress in your body and your mind.

It will help if both energies are in balance. Dance with your survival strategies and breakthrough to dance your life force.

Dance with your Frustrations

Can fighting solve your problems? Stop fighting, say yes to what there is, and dance with it. 

Deepen your process. Dance out of connection with yourself and the other women of the group.

Dance with the healing of Gratitude

Gratitude is very healing.

The energy of gratitude is amazing. To dance with the combination of softness and power simultaneously is impressive. 

Discover what gratitude delivers you by dancing with it.

Feel free

This day you are also welcome without reservation. You pay € 90 for the dance day when you pay on location.