saturday evening | 8 pm - 12 pm

suniya wageningen

Empowerment Dance Party


here's what to expect

From This Empowerment Dance Party

Experience to dance with:
Empowerment Vibration - Connected - Without steps - Barefoot dancing- Vibration of what is - Changing music styles.

Grow to the next level of your Life Force while you have fun.

We dance in the energy of our lovely location and start with a workshop. After the workshop, there is free dancing.

Embrace your life force and dance.

Mixed group ;-))

empowerment dance party
Date & Time:

8 pm - 12 pm
Suniya Wageningen
Mixed group € 20
Carla Broekhuizen


Carla Broekhuizen 

What You'll develop

Empowerment Dancing

During the Empowerment dance party, we dance with a mixed group of dancers where the connection with yourself is central

When it is right for you, you get in touch with others.

Free dancing

Let's party ;-))

Do you want to experience more consciousness and fun in your life? 

Then, enjoy dancing, and in the meantime, playfully grow in your consciousness through the present vibration.

  • Walk-in from 7.30 pm
  • Workshop 8 – 10 pm
  • Free dancing 10 - 12 pm
Location information
  • Suniya Haagsteeg 4 Wageningen
  • Inclusive tea, water, and several refreshments.
  • Ring the bell on the second top bell.
  • Free parking in the area.
  • Costs on location without prior reservation € 30.

Feel free

This evening you are also welcome without reservation. You pay € 30 for the dance evening when you pay on location.