February 5, 2023

Difference Biodanza and YesPower Dance

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The big difference between Biodanza and YesPower Dance is

  • At YesPower Dance, your base is completely central. From your strengthened own core, you make contact with other dancers.
  • Biodanza, you are more focused on reaching out to others. 

Infinity sign and dancing

You put yourself first and can intensify your contact with others from this position. As with a lemniscate, the infinity sign, this is an infinite movement.

Why do you take the center stage first?

You can still follow many therapies, dance, tantra, and practice yoga. But, if you are filling in the gaps in yourself from your blind spot with the energy of others, you will never feel completely in harmony and joy.

Feeling safe

Let's take safety as an example. While dancing, I come into contact with people who have been sexually abused. These people are young and old, men and women from all social strata. The subject of sexual abuse is still taboo and shameful. Sexual abuse in men is an even more fraught topic than in women.

Mangroup YesPower Dance

Parental sexual abuse

Also, when parents have been sexually abused. People have passed fifty years, and perhaps you don't even know that this played out with your parents. While you have always experienced an uncanny feeling that there was something, you could not put your finger on.

The result of sexual abuse among parents and what you experience as a child has often never been properly processed. It stays in your DNA when you don't do anything about it. 

What's interesting is to see a natural movement of reaching out to other people. People want to feel safe and seen. However... this is going to fail. Only when you feel secure within yourself is it possible to feel safe on all levels.

The relationship with yourself centrally

What makes us at YesPower Dance first focus on ourselves is that your relationship with yourself determines everything in your life. Only if your relationship with yourself is good can you intensely enjoy what is there.

The 9 ways to dance

Dancing with shoes

When dancing, you wear shoes. Dancing with or without shoes may seem insignificant. Yet it gives an entirely different experience whether you dance on shoes or barefoot.

Barefoot dancing

You dance barefoot. Dancing barefoot strengthens your grounding and gives you more sense of freedom.

Dance styles

Je practices a particular dance style. Initially, you copy what is occurring to you. Then, from this base, you add improvisations.

Dancing with steps

The various steps are central to the base of many dance styles, such as Tango and Salsa. First, you are presented with something from the bottom and copy the floor. Then, from the ground up, you add improvisations.

Dancing without steps

When dancing without steps, improvisation is central instead of the different steps. YesPower Dance and Biodanza are dance styles without steps.

Symbolic dancing

During an exercise, you get instructions to dance with a particular theme. You hear the command, and your system is activated. You dance with the symbolism of what it's all about for you. Without watching how you dance or others dance. You symbolically dance with the energy of what is there at that moment.


You dance without exercise when it suits you.

Dancing from themes and exercises

For example, you dance during a workshop on exercises to deepen.

Creating the dance from music

The moment the music turns on as a result, you perceive the energy of the music. Whether or not you dance from an exercise doesn't matter to you. On a subconscious level, your system takes the assignment into the dance.

If you tune in to the music, then you dance to the music with complete dedication. Whoever or whatever thinks or does, it does not interest you. You are one with the music. No matter how intensive the piece of music is. It gives you the energy to dance this way.

People not only see it in you, but also you radiate from the inside. You're brimming with energy. It's palpable. You become soft and cuddly while your strength increases visibly. This feeling is heaven on earth. That's how I experience it ;-)).

I am grateful to guide the participants of YesPower Dance events to this way of dancing. The depth of this way of dancing is unprecedented. It is pure and potent without fuss.

Dancepoem Dance from surrender

If you can't feel

A few days ago someone asked something like that's nice, but if you can't feel like me. How does it work for me?

Everyone has their way of dancing. You can't force things. What you can do is learn to discover what works for you.

Visuall, kinesthetic or auditory

There are three ways of thinking, visual, kinesthetic, and auditory. All three methods have different characteristics. You can use this in your dance if you know which elements belong to you.

As I write this, the word safety immediately comes up. Interesting... I can mention more about this.

Do it your way

Throughout your life, many beliefs have been locked into your system. It's about daring to allow yourself that whatever you've been told in your life, you choose to live the way that is your most significant contribution. You will only get the most energy and joy when you start doing things your way. So you create a safe foundation for yourself. 

YesPower Dance Barefoot Dance

The meaning of visual, kinesthetic, or auditory


Visually if you look, you mainly see images. Because of this, body language is an essential means of communication. You pay attention to the facial expressions, postures, and movements. You see all kinds of details. You talk fast and often look up when someone asks a question. In your language, you usually use words that endorse your way of thinking as I see it that way.


Kinesthetic is when you are focused on feeling. In communication, you use, for example, the word feels often. You like to touch people. When someone asks you something, you look down because you take a moment to feel what the question does to you. And your own space is essential to you.


Sounds are critical to you. How loud or soft someone talks. Is the person understandable or not? It's the tone that makes the music in every way. When someone asks a question, you look to the side. You can hear the sound that accompanies your answer.

Amazingly, if you train awareness, all aspects increase in intensity.

Barefootdancing Friday Evening Wageningen

Playful dancing

Back to the question. If you can't feel it, how am I going to dance? Be kind to yourself. Keep it light and have fun.

Give yourself the space to discover what works for you. Dance playfully and learn how it playfully works for you. Choose an event that fits best for the moment. We love it to dance with you. 

Ask your questions beforehand by info@yespowerdance.com or call us at 0031850654253. We like it to hear from you.

Step out of your comfort zone and dance your life force.

Carla Broekhuizen
YesPower Dance

p.s. Additionally, do you want to know more about the Yes Symbol look her for more information. 


Carla Broekhuizen


I like it to dance with you ;-))

I am Carla Broekhuizen, a medium psychic, and I have a company in awareness development YesPower Personal Growth B.V., with several brands.

The brands are YesPower - Yes Symbol products, SI Simbolo - the most powerful jewelry in the world,
YesPower Dance - Dance your life force, and YesPower Business - Businessmedium.

My unique power is to live and work from surrender and gratitude and to follow what is there.

I like it to meet the pure you and your energy ;-)
🤍 Energetic regards 🤍


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