YesPower Dance

"Dance your life force"

What a beautiful experience to feel the power in my body through dance and to be able to let go even more with the exercises!

Carla provides a safe setting.

I enjoyed it! 

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Remco janssen

Passion for Empowerment

Are you young or old, a woman or man, a good or a bad dancer, limber or stiff? It doesn't matter at all. YesPower Dance is dancing connected to yourself. From this connection, you connect with other participants. So your growth in consciousness is central.

1. fundament central

1st Chakra

2. dance your life force

All chakra's

3. Safe haven

Fun, surrender & gratitude from a safe haven

 dancing process 

How We Work

Before the workshops, you can land and get a cup of tea or water.


We create a safe haven energy field and start with grounding. During the dance workshop, we dance to different types of music. We dance without words so you can descend in your awareness.

After the workshop, you can drink something and share. Also, there will be some refreshments.

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Barefoot powerdancing without steps is THE way to move from surrender and to develop your consciousness profoundly.